The Alternative Multi-band Solution

Granite State Antenna -- Northwood, NH -- 603-731-0710 --

Now in use by Army Special Forces in Iraq
Cobra UltraLite UltraLite Senior: 160-10 Meters, 140 feet, $150.00 + Shipping
UltraLite Junior: 80-10 Meters, 73 feet, $140.00 + Shipping
UltraLite Kid: 40-6 Meters, 41 feet, $125.00 + Shipping
  • Covers More Bands than a G5RV (Shorty).
  • Goes up Fast, Easy on Trees.
  • All Stainless Hardware
  • Black Marine ABS Insulator Blocks
  • Handles a Full kW on All Bands.
  • Tough--Pull-tested for Ice and Snow Loads.
  • Professionally Engineered and Built.
  • Center or End Supported.
  • Fully Assembled with 81-Feet of Ladder Line (40-Feet with UltraLite Kid).
  • NEW UltraLite Kid: 40-6m, Lightweight and Small, Great for Small Lots, Camping, Backpacking.
  • USA-built by Granite State Antenna of Northwood, NH by people who answer the phone.
NEW! Balun Designs Baluns now available for $95 each.
NEW! 100 foot roll of 3/32" Dacron Line for $9.00 each.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page. Or, if you are ready to purchase, see the How To Order page. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

73 - Joe K1JEK

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